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Sailing in the Med

Sailing in the Med

The stunning Mediterranean Sea is an ideal place to sail in. Surrounded by Europe, Asia and Africa, these vast waters provide an expanse of ocean for everyone from novices to expert sailors to enjoy! You may be a seasoned sailor who likes a challenge or someone simply looking for a gentle and relaxing break and the Mediterranean has something for everyone.

The Spanish coastline is particularly breath-taking with its elegant aquamarine waters and its beautiful beaches it is often the go to place for those who are keen to take to the seas. Whether you are searching for quaint and peaceful fishing villages or for vibrant towns and cities steeped in history and beautiful architecture, the coastline of Spain has it all. From Gibraltar to Denia the route is relatively easy to traverse with marinas to dock in being in plentiful supply along the entire coast.

The Marinas fall into two different categories, those that are privately run and those that belong to the council or ‘Junta’. The council run marinas tend to be cheaper and are decent value for money though it can be somewhat confusing to make a booking with them as the booking systems can be a little complicated! Private marinas have an easier booking process though some can be quite pricey and costs can vary depending on how long you intend to stay. In fact it can be difficult finding a one night space in a privately run marina, so it is worth checking these out, considering your stops, and booking ahead before you begin your trip.

Climate wise although the Mediterranean usually boasts a fairly ideal temperature for sailing, there can be times where the conditions become unstable. During winter it can get chilly and winds tend to be stronger which you should take into consideration if you are a novice sailor. There are however some days during the winter season which are still warm and pleasant allowing for good sailing conditions. The further North you go, the colder and more unstable the climate will become, so if you want guaranteed sunbathing and swimming conditions you may want to wait until later in the year. Come Spring however the weather usually settles down and if you like warm, mild balmy days this is the best time to go. Needless to say in summer temperatures can soar and if you are not a fan of the heat this is not the time to explore the seas as finding shelter out at sea will be difficult. The further South and East you travel the hotter it will become, with land temperatures hitting the mid 30’s. The sea temperatures however tend to stay between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius making it perfect if you fancy a dip in the tranquil Mediterranean waters.

Of course there are many other activities which you can partake in while you enjoy your sailing trip. For those with a keen interest in marine life, or those who simply enjoy observing inspiring beauty then snorkelling and scuba diving in this area is extraordinary. There is a wealth of marine and plant life waiting to be explored just below the surface. Just remember if you are a novice to go with someone who has snorkelled or dived before!

Spain’s waters are perfect for sea angling, so if you fancy something a bit more peaceful why not try your hand at fishing. Is there anything more enjoyable then spending a day in the sunshine trying to catch your own supper? Just be aware that if this is something you would like to do that you will need a fishing licence which you must apply for beforehand. Or, if you would prefer to leave the organising to someone else there are plenty of day fishing boat trips on offer along the coast so why not moor your boat for the day and let someone else take over?

Sailing in the Mediterranean makes for a perfect holiday. With its sunny, gentle climate, balmy turquoise waters, magnificent scenery,  great bustling cities seeped in centuries of fascinating history, and the charms of its contrasting cultures and ways of life in the smaller fishing villages.  It is a fantastic way to spend your break and the cost of doing so is generally good value for money, with weather that is almost guaranteed. It is no surprise that thousands of sailors come to the Mediterranean to spend their holidays here year after year!


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